Workshop on Scientific Method and Design of Research

The workshop on “Scientific Method and Design of Research” was conducted on November 22, 2023, at the Electronics Laboratory of the Department of Physical Science, Faculty of Applied Science, Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. This workshop aimed to provide a solid foundation in scientific methods and the designs of research. It was jointly organized by the Department of Physical Science and the Faculty Career Guidance Cell (FCGC) of the Faculty of Applied Science. Dr. K. Arjunan, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Bio-Science, Faculty of Applied Science, University of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka, served as a resource person for this workshop. The workshop was attended by academics, second-year, and third-year undergraduates of the Department of Physical Science. The workshop empowered the participants to understand the importance of research, essential principles, scientific methods, strategies for selecting appropriate research designs, and guidelines for writing research articles.