Harmony in Faith: Ave Maria Feast Festival Unveils a Tapestry of Unity

Step into the enchanting world of grace and unity with the Ave Maria Feast Festival, an extraordinary celebration hosted by the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Applied Science. From October 26 to 29, the vibrant outdoor theater at Trincomalee Campus became the stage for a magnificent gathering, where participants from all batches in the Faculty of Applied Science came together to revel in the spirit of faith and camaraderie.

Immerse yourself in the uplifting atmosphere as the event unfolded, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attended. The Ave Maria Feast Festival showcased the beauty of togetherness, weaving a tapestry of unity that transcended boundaries and created lasting memories.

At the heart of the festivities were heartfelt prayers led by revered fathers, adding a profound layer of spirituality to the event. Participants were not only witnesses to the grace but active contributors to the spirit of giving, exemplified by the Dansal—a symbol of compassion and generosity.

As we reflect on this joyous occasion, the Ave Maria Feast Festival stands as a testament to the strength of community, bringing people together in a celebration that goes beyond the ordinary. Stay tuned for future celebrations that promise to continue this legacy of togetherness, faith, and shared joy.

Join us in reliving the magic of the Ave Maria Feast Festival through the snapshots and stories that captured the essence of this extraordinary event. Together, let’s continue to build bridges of unity and make memories that last a lifetime.