About FQAC - FAS

The Quality Assurance Cell of the Faculty of Applied Science,  Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, was established in 2015 according to the guidelines given by the Quality Assurance Council of UGC. FQAC has a broad mandate of coordinating all the quality assurance related activities within the faculty under the guidance with the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) of the Eastern University in line with the UGC circular 04/2015.

It also provides information about measures for faculty level functioning towards quality enhancement through the Departments best practices in academic, academic-related and administrative processes.


Members of the FQAC – (2021)

Mr. S.Thachanamorthy


E-mail -: thadchanamoorthys@esn.ac.lk

Mr.M.M.P.sri Kodikara


E-mail -: srikodikarap@esn.ac.lk

Contact no -: 071-1911201

Heads of Departments

Physical Science Mr.S.Loheeswaran
Computer Science Mr. S.Thachanamorthy

Directors/ Coordinators/Chairpersons of the Units

Director/ Center for Quality Assurance, EUSL Dr.P. Ilango
Chairman/ Curriculum Development committee, FAS Dr.N.Varnakulendran
Chairman/ Sport Advisory Committee Dr.S.Ushakanthan
Coordinator/ Strategic Planning Unit Dr.S.Ushakanthan
Coordinator/ ICT Mr.S.Brinthapan
Coordinator/ Staff Development Center Ms.L.Vithya
Coordinator/ Gender Equity Equality Dr.(Ms)K.Vidya dharshini


Senor Assistant Librarian Mrs.V.Suthaharan
Academic Career Guidance Advisor, FAS Ms.S.Khedika


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