Career Guidance Unit

Career is a much larger and significant part of our lives today and any decision in terms of career planning now has to be taken with the utmost attention. When we grow up, our personal choices, goals, and future plans start revolving around the kind of job we have and the flexibility it can offer. Therefore, career and personal development are essential aspects of undergraduate training.

FCGC of FAS is being a centre for preparing FAS undergraduates to choose an optimal career through proper industrial exposure. FCGC guides and facilitates FAS undergraduates to make the right career choices and improve their soft skills to successfully manage their academic, personal, and social lives.

  • Provide career guidance to all students from the first year onwards to focus on their future careers.
  • Organize and conduct career skill development workshops / seminars / personal career mentoring.
  • Provide assistance to choose and proceed on an optimal career path, based on students’ ability, desire and available opportunities.
  • Developing networks for future career
  • Awareness workshop on Career pathway in working environment
  • Industrial Visits
  • Integrating Yoga into Career Counseling

Dean – The Chairperson


Name:- Mrs. T. Kiriharan

Career Guidance Advisor ( Faculty of Applied Science)



Name:- Mrs. Janani Jabakanth            

Designation:-  Career Guidance Coordinator for the department of computer science



Name:- Ms. Sritharan Kirusanthy

Designation:-  Career Guidance Coordinator for the department of physical science